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Romelli Stefano and his staff welcome you

The story of the Grotto Bundi is almost a secular one. In the more authentic frame of the Ticino, more than 80 years ago, a certain Abbondio Calderari opens the antique Grotto, where his name is linked to in the dialectal form of “Bundi”. Nowadays as then, the Grotto Bundi welcomes its guests, immersed in an unpolluted nature on the feet of the Mount Generoso.
Tradition and attention to authenticity fuse together in these warm surroundings where delicious food is created and presented with passion by Sandrine and Stefano Romelli, proprietors and managers since 1993, almost quarter of a century ago.
It is a journey to rediscover the flavors of the past, where the polenta, cooked in the fireplace, is proposed in countless varieties along with game, meat and mushrooms. Do not miss a visit to the cellars of the Grotto, which contain real treasures of the area, ready to go with the courses on every occasion. Local cheese and salami, produced as in the past and kept according to tradition, can be purchased directly in the Grotto and now even online.

The Grotto Bundi is waiting for you at lunch and dinner every day, except on Mondays.

A recovered simplicity

At the Grotto Bundi, polenta is the queen of the house all year. In cold winter evenings as well as in summer in the shade of the trees, this tasty specialty wins even the most demanding guests. Each time it is brought to the table is a real feast that brings life to the most genuine moments of the past. Stefano Romello prepares it in a copper pot mixing wisely different varieties of flour: thick as well as fine grounded corn and buckwheat.

This last ingredient adds a unique touch to the polenta of the Grotto, giving it a delightfully rustic aspect and flavor. And then just water and salt: the adding of any seasoning is banned. Now it is ready for cooking, which according to tradition happens slowly over an open fire for at least one hour and a half, stirring occasionally, until it reaches the right consistency for the service.
Those who are interested can take home the magic of this unforgettable polenta, purchasing at the Grotto, or online, the already measured flour mixture.

The polenta of the Grotto Bundi: so simple, so good!

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