(per person 120 g. of flour and ½ l. water)


240 g di farina ogni litro d'acqua (per una polenta non troppo spessa)

240 g. of flour per each water liter (for a not too thick polenta)

200 g. of flour per water liter (for a very smooth polenta).

salt as for pasta.


Put a pot with a thick bottom and a lid on the burner. Salt water, when it starts boiling take it away from fire and pour flour using the whisk , paying attention not to form lumps. Put on the large burner until polenta starts boiling again. When boil lessens and the first “vapor volcanoes” appear cover with lid and finish cooking with low temperature for at least 45 - 60 minutes. You can cook it longer if you want: the longer it cooks the more it’s good and digestible.

If polenta remains too firm add a little boiling water.

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